Satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations is at the heart of our decisions and the development of our services
SKV Consulting Engineers Team

We provide a complete range of high quality services across the whole diverse engineering spectrum and throughout the entire life-cycle of a project: from initial planning and feasibility studies, to detailed design, project management and construction supervision .

Our expertise in the areas of Mechanical Installations Design,

Electrical Installations Design, as well as Energy Saving-Sustainability Design can provide to our valuable customers with customized and innovative solutions.
SKV Consulting has been a dynamic organization, evolving constantly to keep abreast with the developments of technology and science as well as to maintain a high competence with regard to the changing and varying requirements of the international Engineering Market

Mechanical Installation

SKV Consulting Engineers specializes in the design of Mechanical Installations for residential, hospitality, office and commercial building.

We generally design a wide variety of mechanical installations, such as:

- HVAC (air conditioning, ventilation, heating): Piping network for HVAC systems, Ducting network for HVAC systems, Energy saving systems, Control of all HVAC units, Design of needed HVAC machine rooms, Design of central and remote systems, Surgery air conditioning (positive and negative pressure in hospital wards), Air conditioning for central computer rooms (data centers / server farms), BMS

- Potable water supply, production of domestic hot water and irrigation networks: Potable water, Domestic hot water and hot water recirculation networks, Design of all pumping rooms/machine rooms, Design of all primary irrigation networks, Design of landscape potable water networks, Potable water filtration units/systems design.

- Wastewater, Sewage, Grey Water and Rain Water Drainage networks: Wastewater/sewage drainage networks, Rainwater drainage networks, Design of all pumping rooms/tanks/sumps, Design of wastewater collection and disposal (septic tank or biological treatment unit), Design of all landscape sewage and rainwater drainage networks.

- Lifts, Hydraulic, Electric or Without machine room (monospace).

- Escalators.

- Swimming pools general MEP installations.

- Natural Gas and Propane networks.

- Special networks for Compressed Air, Steam and Medical Causes.

- Fire protection systems according the latest methods and regulations, consists of: Fire Detection Systems, Passive fire protection, Active fire protection (water systems, water mist systems, total flooding systems [CO2, aerosol, Inergen, FM-200), Smoke ventilation systems.

Electrical Installations

SKV Consulting Engineers specializes in the design of Electrical Installations for residential, hospitality, office and commercial buildings. We generally design a wide variety of electrical installations, such as

- Power supply and distribution for Low and Medium Voltage.

- Electrical panels/switchboards design according Local and European norms.

- “Smart House” design with KNX/EIB, Cresnet or other protocol.

-Lighting and power networks design.

- Grounding and equipotential connections design.

- Telephone-DATA-Structural Cabling Networks/Installations consists of: - central and local networks (cables-cable trays) for voice-data-Wi-Fi (access points). - voice-data reception sockets. - central and local voice-date Racks. - Central-Backbone networks with fiber optic cables or cooper cables.

- Fire detection networks.

- TV – SAT – RD networks/installations: - main reception devices (satellite and terrestrial antennas). - Satellite and Terrestrial central distribution and editing equipment like multiswitches, splitters, etc - TV-RD-SAT central and local distribution network. - TV-RD-SAT landscape networks.

- Electroacoustics/Audiovisual networks/installations.

- Security systems networks/installations. - Intruder alarm network and devices design. - CCTV network and devices design. - Video Entry System network and devices design. - Access Control (if needed) network and devices design. - Intruder Alarm, CCTV, Video Entry, Access Control landscape networks.

-Central Clock Systems.


Energy Saving-Sustainability

Energy saving is a matter of great importance regarding our services, both mechanical and electrical installations. Planning and design of these installations is made with the main objective being the best energy saving, in small installations as well as in larger projects.
SKV Consulting Engineers have big experience in design of A+ energy class buildings according KENAK.
Services provided are:

- Buildings energy simulation with the use of special software, in order to analyze the thermal attitude of the project over time and its improvement.

- Insulation analysis and natural light in order to improve the buildings design.

- KENAK design (Regulation for Buildings Energy Efficiency).

Supervision of MEP installations

SKV Consulting Engineers supervise its design for both Mechanical and Electrical Installations for residential, hospitality, office and commercial buildings. Supervision during construction consists and generally includes:

- Responsible technical supervision and support of project from “designer’s” office or with on-site visits where required, based on project progress or when specially required by the “owner of the project”

- Provision of complete and detailed instructions to the project contractor for on time, cost effective completion of the project, based on the engineering codes of practice.

- Technical support to the owner for on time response to any requests and objections raised by the contractor.

- Certification of proper execution, for all works included in bills accompanied by measurements.

We strive to continuously improve our performance in order to achieve excellent results

During all these years, our fundamental principle has always been to provide consistent, prompt service with the emphasis on quality, efficiency, responsibility and respect